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check out the battlefields where your strategies will shine

you awesome starategies
unique combinations
strategic fun
waves of enemies
different starategies

Here are some friends who will help fight  against the  mechanical monsters

A dragon sorcerer who is always with his baby dragon friend. He obtains Lanic whenever  Guardians are combined. Take Sio for both strategic advantage and comfort.
Britta A young girl who is always busy exploring new places. She increases the attack power of Guardians in the field that are the same as the first Guardian in queue. Keep Britta in mind if you  prioritize taking the initiative.
colas A knight who always wears an armor to protect the kingdom. He reduces the cooldown of ally Guardians. Pick Colas if you want afaster and reliable playstyle.
Denyua A swordsman who always  fights against injustice. He fires sword energies that penetrates multiple enemies. It's thrilling to watch his sharp and powerful attacks.
furin A young female archer who loves helping others in need. She attacks multiple enemies with her lightning arrows. You will be able to overcome any obstacles with her help.
violet A fairy who aids others with her heartwarming magic. She uses magic to increases the attack speed of allies. Look for Violet whenever  you're feeling tired.
Loshu An alpha bear with a warm heart and incredible strength. He attacks slowly, but deals wide area damage. Call out Loshu's name if you need help in a forest.
Mystic A mysterious guardian with mystical powers.  Mystic puts a random  opponent Guardian to  sleep when combined.  Think of Mystic whenever you have trouble falling asleep.

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